collagesmaller.jpgLet’s continue the conversation of the Sages. But wait! (you might say). . . we’re not sages. . . Well, maybe we are! Perhaps together we can participate in a sacred conversation that the Sages began two thousand years ago.

My intention is to lead an ongoing conversation about Kabbalah. I am interested in the Abrahamic traditions based in Torah (the “Old Testament”). I hold a universal perspective as I delve deeply into orthodox writings. My teachings come from the place where I hold both sides of duality. . . in this case: universal and orthodox. I invite you to do this with me:

  • hold a universal perspective and delve deeply into the teachings of the Sages of Kabbalah. . .
  • explore the Creation Story with me, as a way to understand where we come from, who we are now, and where we’re going. . .
  • join the conversation if you feel inspired.

Question: Why study Kabbalah?
Three Answers
: Enlightenment — intellectual stimulation — joy.

Another Question: What about those of us who want personal healing, or just want to feel closer to God?
: That’s the same thing as enlightenment, intellectual stimulation and joy.