Like all true scripture, the Pathwork Guide Lectures are what I call "spiral teachings" composed of multiple levels of meaning, understanding, and reality.  Each interaction with lecture/scripture can bring a different gift.

The Pathwork Lectures provide an overall philosophy of life.  They explain the meaning of life.  They offer a map of consciousness/reality along with highly detailed directions, signposts, and keys on the path towards God.  And, the Lectures furnish guidance and inspiration for this marvelous journey.  The term "Pathwork" means:

  • the teachings,
  • the community of souls who study and follow the teachings, and
  • the spiritual path itself, and the work that it requires.

Teachers and spiritual counselors in the Pathwork tradition are called "helpers."  They complete eight or more years of study and deep personal exploration, during which time their understanding of the Pathwork Lectures deepens as they mature emotionally and spiritually.  As part if their commitment, Pathwork helpers have an ongoing practice of doing their own personal work with a helper

I have been a helper since 1989.

The Pathwork Lectures was the milk that nurtured me from spiritual/ psychological infancy into adulthood.  They live in me as a foundation and structure that is slowly being polished by Kabbalah and Kabbalistic Healing into something new.  Stay tuned. . . life is still unfolding in me!

From Lecture #136: The Illusory Fear of Self:
Man's greatest joy and freedom is when he can give according to his potential. Conversely, the greatest pain is the result of not giving, to life and to others, according to one's inherent potential. All other pain and all other frustration derive from this pain of not giving out what is within, just as all other satisfactions and pleasures are contained in the act of giving of one's self to life without restriction.


Sanctuary for All Living:  Above photo is of the sanctuary at the Phoenicia Pathwork Center, circa 1989.  The Pathwork Guide Lectures teachings channeled by Eva Broch Pierrakos are the scripture and covenant of the Pathwork.  And for me, the Phoenicia Pathwork Center was the ark of the covenant: a time and place where the teachings were remembered and kept, honored, lived, and disseminated.