Integrated Kabbalistic Healing® (IKH)

When we study the wisdom of Kabbalah, even before we understand it, our desire to know awakens the lights surrounding our souls.  This desire to know is our longing for God.  The Kabbalah teaches us how to receive the light of God that is omnipresent.  Receiving this unlimited and absolute Delight, Mercy and Grace is one purpose for which we are created. 

IKH (Integrated Kabbalistic Healing) goes a step beyond the study of Kabbalah it is a process of discovering that we are Life Itself.  Healing takes place as we hold with compassion the duality inherent in our humanness.  We not only learn to receive Divine Light, we also learn to receive, hold and carry our humanness and suffering in and with that Light.  Accepting ourselves and being just who we are is a great giving to self and life.

Jason Shulman, my teacher and the founder of IKH says, "All the healings are an attempt to love duality, to see duality as God's creation. . . The fact that we are separate beings means that we are going to have problems.  It's not anybody's fault.  It comes with the territory: humanness.  And in our humanness, we can learn to return to the holy abode of duality."  So as we heal, we realize that everything is holy.

Kabbalistic Healing results from the healer developing personal relationship with the Sefirot (Divine emanations of the Tree of Life) without overlays of neurosis or history.  As this happens, the world expands, and everything in life is allowed to be what it is.  We soften, our defenses soften and God's eternal beneficence becomes real and present.  Another way of saying that is: healing is about becoming human no more and no less.  And as we heal, our history ceases to be the sole arbiter of reality what happened in the past no longer determines our life experience now.

Integrated Kabbalistic Healing was created by Jason Shulman, a Buddhist teacher, modern Kabbalist, quasi-Rabbi and former Pathworker.


This is a collage I created for my graduation from the IKH training.  It expresses The Tree of Life as I learned it during my IKH training.  See Inspiration for more about this picture.