Kabbalah Teachings

  • Kabbalah is about our relationship with God.  We want to see and know Divinity: within and without.  Simultaneously, God is seeking us, waiting patiently for us to call on him, even as he surrounds and fills us. 
  • Kabbalah is an evolutionary teaching that reveals the Creator to us.  It does so by pointing out God's "garments of light" that both hide and reveal.
  • Kabbalistic Healing is about returning to the holy abode of duality. . . holding duality means embracing what is: what I want and what I don't want. 
  • "Kabbalah" means receiving. . . it teaches us to receive God's gifts – all the gifts of life.  This includes ever-flowing delight and  the pain of separation from the light (that results in our imperfections and our everyday human suffering).

Whenever we are open enough and willing to receive all of life, we heal into our true self.  Our true self is made in the image of a generous God, and therefore we long to give.  Ultimately we need to give as well as receive – to become a conduit for the flow of Divine Presence.  We thus move into a reciprocal relationship with God, receiving his blessings on one hand, and serving his Will on the other.

Any way you look at it, the ultimate purpose of studying or working with Kabbalah is to move closer and closer to God – which is the same as building our reciprocity with the divine ever-flow.   Kabbalah furnishes a map of consciousness called The Tree of Life (Etz Chaim in Hebrew), to help us to visualize the lay of the land, so to speak.

Abba and Ima:

Abba and Ima are two divine emanations of the Tree of Life. . . each an inextinguishable name of God, present in all Creation.  Together they are Divine father/mother, the great paradigm of relationship, the first duality emerging from Oneness, and much more.  God said, Let there be light (that's Abba). . .and there was light (that's Ima).





Abba and Ima

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