Healing Sessions with Iris Markham

Everything begins and ends with relationship: creation, living, healing.  Relationship is the primary pattern of life and the reason why God created the worlds to begin with.  So, in order for healing to occur in any situation, there must be relationship.

Sessions begin with creating relationship.  When you have a session, you share what's on your mind, whatever is troubling you, what's going on in your life – the suffering as well as the pleasure.  During the session, I accompany you on your journey and in your particular niche in life.  I bring my presence, compassion and curiosity, my willingness to sit and be with you.  I bring all of who I am, my perspective, and all the teachings and wisdom I have received over the years. 

During the conversation, I am also looking for patterns and reflections of the Tree of Life.  As we talk, the Tree and its healing emanations become present too, in our midst.  The healing that is right for you, in this moment makes itself known.  At the end of the session, there is a focused healing. 

This focused healing occurs through devekut, cleaving to God.  I cleave to particular Divine emanation(s) called Sefirot – holding, focusing and aligning with the Sefirot on your behalf.  IKH is a non-dual approach aligned with the oneness of everything.  This means that self, other, and world are all, always, simultaneously connected. . . in fact, we are One.  Because we are all One, the attribute(s) that I am cleaving to are also held, focused and aligned within you.  Kabbalistic Healing takes place in that realm where God is One and we are one in God (Adonai Echad).  Something miraculous happens that is beyond seeing. 

My healing sessions usually don't include Kabbalah teaching. . . the concepts are complex and can sometimes get in the way or confuse things.  IKH sessions offer a way to dip directly into Kabbalah's sacred pool of blessing without necessarily studying Kabbalah.

The healings are simple, subtle and profound.  It is the essence of our being that has received the healing.  Often there is an immediate discernible result.  However, the effects unfold over a period of time: weeks, sometimes months.



Above is my diploma from A Society of Souls for completing the training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing.

On the trunk of the Tree of Life is written the ancient Hebrew prayer called "the Shema" (Deut. 6:4): Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. 

Below the Tree, in the dark place of the roots is written (from Psalms 16:8): I set the Lord before me, always.