Iris Markham

Healer – Teacher – Kabbalist

For the past thirty-five years I have been walking my spiritual path and helping others on theirs.  Being on a spiritual path means purposefully seeking God: everywhere.  Seeking God means reaching for reality – what actually is – in all its myriad forms.  And seeking God also means leaning into what could be - oneness, the beauty and divinity that holds all.

I have been studying and following the exquisite teachings of the Pathwork since 1972.  Since 1989 I am a Pathwork helper and teacher.  Pathwork is a modern transformational path that brilliantly marries spirituality and psychology.  Since 1995 I've also been studying Kabbalah.  And I'm a healer, a practitioner of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®.

Because my parents were rooted in two different worlds - Judaism and Christianity – I am a universalist by nature.  This means that I seek to unify apparently disparate pieces, or hold them together.  Torah, the source, teaches that God surrounds and fills everything, and All is One: Adonai Echad.  I am committed to speaking the universal voice of Kabbalah.

My Journey:  Pathwork teaches that Jesus Christ is our best friend and greatest helper.  In the Pathwork, as I gradually matured and opened to Christ, I began to experience my heart as a reflection and iteration of the sacred heart of Christ.

As Christ took up residence in my heart, I wanted to know more about him, so I began to explore his teachings.  It dawned on me that because Jesus was a Jew, I would have to study Judaism in order to understand and follow in his footsteps.   Mystical Judaism led me to the Kabbalah, where I completely fell in love.   With Jason Shulman, I found a Kabbalah teacher and I found healing. . . and here I am.   I believe that the profound healing I have received from Kabbalistic Healing enabled me to create this website a deeper level of passing on the gifts of life that I have received.

It seems to me that my life's direction has been guided by Christ all along, and he has led me to where I am today: an IKH healer initiated into the lineage of "Dodi Lev."  Dodi means friend or lover in Hebrew.  Lev means heart, and has a "value" of 32 – the number of pathways in the Tree of Life.  So this is me: friend and lover of the heart where Christ resides, friend and lover of the Tree of Life where YHVH (God) emanates.

Living my life as a Dodi Lev is a very personal expression of wholeness for me.  Loving and serving Christ and YHVH helps heal the split I was born with. . . my Jewish mother and my Christian father.



Juxtaposing a Jewish Jesus on the cross and the Tablets of the Covenant flanked by the Lions of Judah is an expression of the integration of Judaism and Christianity that lives in me.